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Site Migration & Relocation

When your business has outgrown your premises, often the most daunting task when considering a move, is the relocation of your IT infrastructure.

With our tailored Expert Pre Cabling Solutions we can help minimise downtime by preparing your new premises to be ready for when your IT infrastructure arrives in the new premises.

Avocados migration methodology is designed to focus on minimising downtime.  The Avocado Pre-cabling solution is a key element in achieving this objective. Firstly we document all the circuits and connections within the existing comms racks. An inventory of hardware is then formed and redundant equipment is removed from the list.  A proposed comms rack/room layout is then created with the client.

Ahead of the migration, our engineers will pre-cable the target environment, installing copper and fibre patch cables between switches, patch panels and hardware.  Cables are supplied in custom colours and lengths to best suit specific requirements, whilst also negating excessive cable management.

Not only does this activity minimise downtime, it enables environments to run more efficiently, whilst presenting the environment in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Completing the pre-cabling activity reduces the risk of costly delays and unnecessary downtime.  Our expert input at this stage of the migration process is fundamental in ensuring that these potential setbacks are avoided.

Avocado Network Services engineers will then remove all equipment to be relocated to your new premises and transport it to be racked immediately to enable testing and verification of systems at the earliest possible moment.  We appreciate that every minute counts when your core infrastructure is offline and work tirelessly to complete the task as efficiently and speedily as possible.