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Wireless Network Equipment

At Avocado, we know that quality equipment and support are the keys to any successful technology company.

We continually engage in extensive research & testing to ensure that we are using the best possible equipment to meet the needs of your installation. In our early testing and comparison, certain equipment manufacturers were head and shoulders above the rest; among these were Unifi, HP, Cisco, Ruckus.

Avocado offers a Control Panel/Dashboard that makes it easier to manage Wireless and Wi-Fi networks. Features included:

  • Centralized Access & Control
  • Multi-Level Access (Admin/Reseller/User)
  • Complete Company Listing
  • Complete Property Listing
  • SMTP Mail Server & Utilization Reports
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Equipment Outage Reports
  • Support Calls
  • Usage Reports
  • Current Users
  • Password Administration

For more information, please contact us at sales@avocado.ie