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Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Avocado Networks are about smarter, simpler WiFi solutions.  

Our low-cost, cloud managed wireless networks make it easy to spread an Internet connection throughout a hotel, apartments, office, campus, cafe—and just about anywhere else.

Enterprises, public venues, and SMBs of all types are looking for managed WiFi services to address an urgent need for wireless broadband connectivity. Wi-Fi is rapidly becoming a utility for these businesses, it’s like electricity and plumbing, and if you don’t have it you are at a competitive disadvantage. Many of these businesses do not have the expertise to install and operate a network on their own.

If your business is in the hospitality sector, we can offer bespoke solutions, incorporating personalised landing pages and website redirects to help ensure that your customers loyalty remain with you.

At Avocado Networks we also specialise in point to point secure wireless links.  From 100 meters to 15 km, our expert engineers can tailor a solution choosing from our range of products and vendors.